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Conscious Living Design and Build is a Colorado and Texas based company producing homes that are more durable, sustainable, affordable and livable by merging 3D technology and traditional building methods. 


Our unique process integrates a proprietary concrete mixture for a Net Zero carbon footprint. 

We Only Use

3D Printers

We are proud to partner with MudBots and only use their 3D Concrete Printers in our buildings. Why? Because they are the best in the world at what they do!

3D printing with concrete isn’t a concept or something new. Concrete printing is a reality that is being utilized all over the world. While some are just learning of this disruptive technology, governments, universities, engineers and developers worldwide are already utilizing the undeniable benefits.

This is not the future of construction, it is already here.

As you look around, you will find commercial buildings, homes, and a myriad of other industries utilizing the technology for more sustainable and superior products.


Concrete printing can be done at a fraction the cost, and a fraction the time, but the greatest benefit is the freedom of inspiring designs that are no longer cost prohibitive.


MudBots Concrete printing reduces 7 trades into one, and months of work into days. Homes are stronger, more resistant to the elements, and the most energy efficient structures known.


Find out what the steps to MudBots 3D Concrete Printing are and how MudBots is leading the 3D Concrete Printing industry.


Browse MudBots' selection of printed concrete images. See pictures of how concrete 3D printer works and various applications of concrete printing in the construction industry.


Want to view videos about MudBots 3D printing and see the difference of MudBots technology in action?


An industry-leading 3D monolith printer (one single, continuous print per floor) crafts the foundation, basement, and even up to two stories. 

The resulting home's feature customizable building exteriors and interiors that are resistant to:

Mold Proof
Flood Proof
Wind Proof
Vermin Proof
& Hurricane
Insect Proof
Tornando Resistant

Sustainable Benefits

Compared to conventional home building, Conscious Living Design and Build homes and buildings can be:

       Built and delivered faster 

       At a Lower Cost

       With Net-Zero Energy 

       Everlasting Energy Efficiency

       And Health and Wellness

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Untitled design (24).png
Untitled design (24).png
Untitled design (24).png
Untitled design (24).png

An active National Association of Home Builders member learning and applying the best construction method techniques to our innovative homes.

Modern Office
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